Clare has traversed the parallel sectors of beauty and media for over 25 years, moving into the world of television, film, commercials, and editorials through international publications Vogue and Hello. With a host of celebrity clients on her roster, she has worked on a number of popular shows and films, that include Celebrity Juice, Tiny Tots Talent Agency, A Different Kind of Woman, and The Fear. She has been engaged by Sky, ITV, Channel 4, and BBC, as well as by other networks, in various film productions, and in high end commercials for Barretts, Samsung, and organic skincare company Pincerna.

Photographer: Rose Bainbridge     Model: Faith Elizabeth 


Hi, I'm Clare Nixon

I have worked within the world of beauty and media for over 25 years.  As the manager of a Knightsbridge salon for 10 years I finally made the move into media via exclusive publications such as Vogue and Hello magazines.  After a successful few years on assignment that included working with celebrity clientele such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Mariah Carey, and President George Bush and First Lady Barbara, I decided that I both wanted and needed a new challenge so enrolled at Bournemouth Arts University to study SFX.  Since then my career has continued to climb, and I've worked post-graduation on such TV shows as Celebrity Juice, Tiny Tots Talent Agency, A Different Kind of Woman, and The Fear. I have been engaged by Sky, Channel 4, ITV and BBC, as well as other television networks, and have developed enviable levels of experience working in film, both long form feature, and short, as well as some commercials / infomercials, and a number of music videos Absolutely in love with the process of film I take great (maybe too much) personal delight in creating various SFX - masks, wounds, scars, slashes, bullet wounds, missing limbs and disfigurements – weird as that might sound. I am definitely on the path I laid out for myself, and am constantly on the look out for exciting fresh projects into which I can inject my considerable time-served skill and expertise. You can check out my CV here !




Makeup Artist

Here you will find a gallery of my very best work in makeup, covering period drama styles, day-to-day, and distressed designs that have covered a myriad of film and television subject matters. There are some examples of commercials, and of music videos where project briefs have included multiple subjects.

Hair Stylist

Work in hair style and colour for me goes back 25 years to when I first began my journey working in one of Knightsbridge's top salons, with clients who would come time and time again to the same stylist. I achieved a shortlisting of Wella's Colour Technician of the Year during my time there, and awarded one of ten London's Young Stylists of the Year. The examples here cover many different styles and periods. Whatever your needs I will have a look to suit.

SFX Design

I have been active in SFX design, creation, and application since graduating from Bournemouth Arts University in 2014. Since then I have been involved in feature, corporate, and commercial media that have required design, manufacture and application of a variety of prosthetics and paint applications.


Here's a selection of dramatic productions I have been involved in, from television, film, music video, and commercial as either an artist or as a supervisor. I'm happy to fulfil whatever role your production has in mind.


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